Metallic DiBond® Prints

Dibond® is an industry-leading, aluminum composite material that consists of a rigid, polyethylene core sandwiched between two thin sheets of aluminum forming a premium, super smooth and durable mounting surface.

LexJet® Metallic is a stunning ink-jet photo paper resulting in a print that is remarkably rich, sharp and vibrant. The LexJet® Metallic print is expertly adhered to the surface of the Dibond®, then covered with a matte laminate which protects the print and markedly reduces reflections and glare.

Metallic Dibond® prints are designed to be presented frameless. The recessed rear floating frame becomes invisible after hanging and will make your print appear to 'float' off of your wall.

As always, a hand-signed, laminated certificate of authenticity accompanies the art piece which is shipped to you separately.

With a look similar to a traditional metal print, the less expensive substrate material allows me to offer this print style as my most cost-effective option.

Can You Frame A Dibond® Print Yourself?

The short answer is yes, it is possible. But it is important to note that this print style is designed to be presented frameless, meaning that a recessed floating frame will be attached to the rear of the print which becomes invisible after hanging, creating the illusion that the artwork is 'floating' on your wall.

If you intend to externally frame your Metallic Dibond® print yourself after you receive it, you must contact me at the time of ordering so that I can be sure the rear floating frame is deleted, and that the signature/edition number is relocated accordingly so that your frame will not obscure it.

Your own framer will then attach alternative hanging hardware to the external frame. Also note that placing glass over the print is not recommended or required.

Alternatively, if you desire a framed artwork I recommend that you consider a Charity Edition framed Lumachrome® TruLife® acrylic print instead, as I have full access to the entire catalogs offered by the Italian framing experts Roma® and Omega®.

This will save you the time-consuming and often inconvenient process of hiring an expensive third-party framer with the additional risk that your print may be damaged in the process.

Custom framing is not intimidating at all, as I offer full guidance throughout the process and we can be sure to customize your artwork exactly as you desire for your own personal style and taste.