Scenery Photographers

Certainly over time their have been many notable names in the landscape photography genre that have stood out for different reasons. Some were pioneers such as the great Ansel Adams, a landscape photographer and environmentalist known for his black-and-white images of the American west. He was known as an absolute master of film negative development and printing.

Galen Rowell was a wilderness photographer, adventure photojournalist and mountaineer. His big break in photography came when National Geographic published a cover story in the 1970's with his work, combining adventure mountaineering with dynamic landscape photography. He authored many books during his amazing career and was a true pioneer in his field.

Other influential photographers still working today include names like Marc Adamus, a modern day explorer whose non-stop travel to seemingly every corner of the earth for over a decade has produced a stunning portfolio of original imagery aspired to by countless photographers and collectors.

Peter Lik is a photographer from Australia, best known for his nature and panoramic landscape images. Albeit not without controversy, he has achieved widespread commercial success from over a dozen large galleries spread throughout the United States.

'Halo', Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada. Limited Edition of 150.

Customers who have actually seen large format acrylic face-mounted photographs for the first time in a fancy gallery have to admit that they are very impressive. Remember that we are largely living in a world where the beautiful landscape photographs that you see are mostly viewed on a computer screen at home. But to see an expertly crafted print in person is a completely different experience. And although there are many talented photographers, only a small number of them have mastered the art of print making, which is an entirely separate art form. A masterfully created print will literally bring an image to life with three-dimensional depth and clarity, unlike anything you may have seen before.

People who choose to invest in photographic art are often doing it for entirely different reasons. Some may choose a certain style because it is in vogue at the time. Others may follow a certain artist because they are popular, while some may just want some pretty wall art. Still others make a purchase in hopes that it's value will increase over time. Whatever the reason, the most important thing is to buy art that is made with quality, and a piece that you will be proud to hang in your home, no matter the artist. A beautiful nature photograph is a perfect addition to any home or office, bringing a calming effect to everyone who views it.

Choosing to invest in an artist whose personal values align with your own always makes the choice easier. And remember that an expensive print in a fancy gallery is often of no higher quality than a print from a conscientious, less famous photographer who strives for perfection of their craft.

Invest in what you love. Invest with your eyes.

'Zen', Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Limited Edition of 50.