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Wall art is a very broad term that can used to describe just about any type of wall décor that you can display in your home. How you choose to decorate your walls makes a statement about who you are and the things you love.

That is the beautiful thing about art- it has the power to completely transform a room when used as a focal point, or it can simply be added for colour and texture to make it feel more complete.

From traditional canvas paintings to abstract wall hangings or framed photography, you have the freedom to express yourself by the wall art that you choose, as you want your surroundings to convey a calming atmosphere that makes your home interior more inviting, engaging, and beautiful.

A large panoramic mountain photograph hangs over the fireplace in a contemporary living room.
This panoramic mountain photography print fabricated using the acrylic face mount medium is a beautiful addition to this home as an eye-catching focal point and conversation piece with visitors.

If you are searching specifically for wall art that will make any room feel like a gallery, landscape and nature themed photography prints are a versatile art style that check all of the boxes.

Because photographs can be printed on a variety of high quality mediums, like acrylic face-mounts or waterproof metal prints, there is a print style for every room depending on where it will be installed.

Side by side comparison of closeup corner details of three different photographic print mediums.
Acrylic prints with anti-reflective properties offer the best image quality for most spaces; wood framed prints add beauty and elegance, while dye-sublimation metal prints are waterproof for high humidity rooms.

But before you begin acquiring artwork, there are four different factors to consider which will apply to all wall spaces. These include the size of the art piece, the subject matter, colour, and the medium on which it is printed.

The following are some examples of how you can use these factors creatively to shape an atmosphere that will enhance your home interior.

Image Size and Colour

Because print size and colour have a big effect on atmosphere and visual impact, let us start by analyzing the loft apartment below. There is a definite character to this living room, as it is dark and mysterious with the concrete walls, industrial style furnishings, and distressed leather sofa.

Do you feel that the bright, cheery butterfly image belongs on this wall?

A small colorful butterfly photograph hangs on the large wall of an industrial styled loft living room.
This out-of-place butterfly image illustrates how your choice of size and colours in your wall art can make or break the atmosphere in a room.

It may be a charming photo, but you will probably agree that it just doesn't 'fit' for many reasons. None of the bright colours match the furnishings, and the photo is also much too small.

Below, we see a beautiful tropical river print that better matches the style of this room. The sizeable artwork fits the scale of the wall, making it a pleasing focal point and conversation piece.

A jungle river photograph hangs on the large wall of an industrial styled loft living room.
This larger print is approximately 3/4 the width of the sofa, which looks far better considering the proportions of the room.

The darker photograph has some mystery of its own in the shadows of the jungle, while there are some brown tones in the rocks and trees which match the furnishings. The colour green is also complementary to brown, which gives the room a more cohesive feel.

A good rule of thumb is to choose wall art that is at least two thirds to three quarters the size of the furniture that you are placing it over, or even slightly larger, to give it more distinction.

The den below below showcases a vintage style with fine textures from the wood furniture and skillfully woven area rug. The homeowner obviously appreciates the simple form and fine craftsmanship of the furniture and décor which suggests a natural and organic atmosphere.

This wall could benefit from some colour, but do you feel the tree painting was the right choice?

A small colorful painting of a tree hangs on the wall of a craftsman styled living room with wooden furniture.

Although art is subjective, this painting would probably be more at home in a room that had a brighter, more whimsical feel. And again, it is obvious how the size of the art makes it feel lost on this giant wall space.

Below, the atmosphere changes immediately with a much larger tree photography print wrapped in a rich handcrafted wood frame that adds depth and permanence to the work itself, while allowing it to blend seamlessly into its surroundings.

A large wood framed photograph of a maple tree with orange leaves hangs on the wall of a craftsman styled living room with wooden furniture.
Incorporating a beautiful wood frame helps to blend wall art into its surroundings when there is wood furniture, moldings or hardwoods.

The elegant frame helps to tie the room together, maintaining the spirit of the craftsman style while the large size and orange colour draw the eye and add warmth to give it more prominence as a centerpiece.

Ensuites are often overlooked as the perfect place for calming wall art to ponder while you relax and destress after a long day. The contemporary bathroom below has generous space for a print, and although the black and white abstract is interesting, the proportions and lack of colour almost make it disappear on the wide concrete wall.

A minimalist contemporary bathroom with double sinks and a free standing bathtub against a concrete wall.
No colour, no drama. This monotone bathroom deserves and eye-catching art piece with some colour.

The room looks completely different with the addition of this bold and colourful abstract image. The panoramic size is more effective, while the fiery colours make it an instant focal point that adds energy and warmth.

A minimalist contemporary bathroom with double sinks and a free standing bathtub with a large colorful abstract tree photograph hanging on a concrete wall.
This colourful abstract metal print is an instant focal point that adds interest in an otherwise monochromatic room.

It is easy to make your rooms feel more cohesive by purchasing art with colours that match or compliment other elements that already exist in the room. Alternatively, adding decorations and accessories later on that contain colors already in the artwork will emphasize the united feel of your home.

It cannot be overstated that bigger is always better, because oversized prints become instant focal points while smaller pieces tend to become 'lost' and forgettable.

Subject Matter

As each room in your home has a different use, it makes sense to choose subject matter that matches the 'feel' that you want to create in each space.

Bedrooms are a private place of calm in your home, so it makes sense to incorporate wall art that transmits the same emotion. For example, you probably would not want to look at a photograph that is dark and moody when you are trying to relax.

A contemporary bedroom with bright window sidelight and a thunderstorm photograph hanging over the bed.
Bedroom décor should promote peace and relaxation, so this stormy photograph may fit better in a different room.

Above is an example of this theory, where an image of a thunderstorm with dramatic clouds and lightening hangs over a bed. Although the photograph is interesting, it feels inappropriate for the room.

Below, a relaxing nature photograph creates a better ambiance. The mountain lake with trees, mist, and fog naturally conveys a calming atmosphere.

A contemporary bedroom with bright window sidelight and a photograph of a misty lake with trees hanging over the bed.
Beautiful wood frames add refinement and style to any print, while the colours can be chosen to match décor that is already in the room.

The addition of a beautiful silver frame with a white linen liner adds elegance while perfectly matching the gray comforter and pillows for décor that is simple and peaceful.

Conversely, some photographic subjects are more compelling and carry a different impression. Below, the dynamic photograph of flowing lava over the sofa brings excitement and energy.

Visitors to this home are attracted to the elaborate details that draw the eye across the image, creating conversation and interest which is the perfect type of subject matter for a living room.

A very large panoramic photograph of flowing lava hangs over the long leather sofa in a living room.
Small and subtle details like how the colours in the print match the carpeting help to tie this room together.

If you have a very large wall in a entranceway, hallway, or great room, use your creativity to design a 'gallery wall' to showcase one large oversized showpiece, or multiple smaller pieces that share a common theme.

Three different waterfall prints below compliment one other because of the similar subjects and colour palette. Large spaces like these are a great opportunity to group together smaller pieces of art that you enjoy.

Three separate waterfall photographs hang on a large gallery wall near a window in a contemporary home.
Attention to small details like the placement and orientation of these waterfall prints make them pleasing to the eye. Notice how the water in each image 'flows' towards the center of the room.

The right nature prints set the mood for your space by keeping it inviting and communicating what type of person or family you are. We are all different and deserve to decorate our homes in an inspiring way that articulates who we are to our guests.

The Appropriate Medium

If you are searching for photographic wall art of the highest quality with an exceptional level of detail, then look no further than the acrylic face-mount medium.

Accent lighting aimed at these special prints will refract or 'bounce' within the acrylic, which appears to illuminate the image from within and make it look 'backlit' like a computer or television screen.

This captivating effect is unique to the acrylic face-mount style and is the reason they look so bright and vibrant, full of rich detail with amazing depth.

Below, this abstract water reflection image is presented as a 'triptych', where the photo is printed on three separate acrylic panels hung side by side for a dramatic twelve foot wide showpiece.

A very wide and colorful abstract nature photograph hangs on a gallery wall in a minimalist contemporary home.
The anti-reflective coating on these acrylic face mount panels reduces glare from the large windows in this room.

Because some acrylics are glossy and may introduce glare, it is suggested to choose anti-reflective acrylic which helps to diminish distracting reflections in rooms where there are bright lights or windows.

Below, this oversized abstract acrylic print with a luxurious wood frame makes this grand entranceway feel like you are in a museum. If you are aiming to make a real statement, a large and bold landscape or nature themed acrylic print makes for a breathtaking showpiece.

An oversized wooden framed abstract photograph of water ripples hangs on a concrete wall over a brown leather bench in a gallery.
Nothing makes a statement more than a large, expertly crafted fine art acrylic nature print with a luxurious frame, making your home feel like a gallery.

Although acrylic prints are well suited to almost any room in your home, there is one exception. When placing art in a bathroom, you must be sure that it can withstand the presence of high humidity. This is where the versatility of photography prints excel over other types of wall art.

Dye-sublimation metal prints are the perfect choice for bathrooms, as they are waterproof and extremely durable with no risk of water damage. They are also available in high gloss or matte finishes, depending on if you have bright lights or windows which may introduce glare.

An upscale black and white bathroom with double sinks, a free standing tub and marble walls with an abstract water and sand photograph hanging over the tub.
A glossy gold and black water-themed print over this bathtub is an excellent fit.

Above, we can see how the abstract image of water ripples and sand really makes this ensuite shine. The waterproof metal print is extremely durable and easily cleaned with standard glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

As you can see, photographic images take on a life of their own when expertly crafted as acrylic face-mount or metal prints in a size that is appropriate for the space. They are absolutely breathtaking to see on your wall, often transforming the room with a gallery-quality atmosphere.

The beauty and versatility of landscape and nature themed photography prints make them a perfect addition when choosing wall art for any room in your home.

In Summary

To make any photograph an instant focal point and draw the eye, choose a print size that will match the scale of your wall. Prints placed above a sofa, dining room table, or headboard looks best when they are at least 2/3 to 3/4 the width of the furniture, or slightly larger.

The colours in your wall art will dictate the mood of the room, so for a calming ambiance, you cannot go wrong with greens, blues, and earth tones. Sunset colours like reds, yellows, and oranges are arousing and tend to create feelings of energy and happiness.

It is important to pay close attention to how a photograph makes you feel, which will help you choose subject matter that conveys the atmosphere or theme you wish to establish.

Remember to have your photograph printed in the appropriate medium depending on where it will be hanging. Anti-reflective acrylics or matte finish metal prints are best in rooms where bright windows or overhead lighting may cause distracting glare, while glossy prints look best in rooms where bright lights are not an issue.

Finally, the only choice for high humidity areas like bathrooms or pool rooms are dye-sublimation metal prints, as they are fully waterproof with no risk of water damage.

An oversized wooden framed mountain photograph hangs on a concrete wall over a brown leather sofa.

Using the four factors that we have illustrated, it is easy to elevate your home interior in a way that is inviting and beautiful with quality nature themed prints that will stand the test of time.

For a more comprehensive study into understanding colour meanings and harmony, self expression, and creating focal points with photographic prints, please read my article on how to incorporate nature photography into your interior design.

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