Best Selling Landscape Photographs in 2023

Here I share with you ten of my best selling landscape photographs, along with the stories that make them special to me as an artist, and so popular with customers and fine art collectors.

Many home owners who are building, moving, or renovating look forward to acquiring large, beautiful artwork to create a gallery feel in their new spaces. Your home is an extension of your tastes and should speak to who you are.

Having an insider look at the best selling fine art landscape photographs is a valuable tool to assist with choosing colors and themes for your new home décor.

Three happy couples contemplating buying artwork for their new homes.

The addition of a large and luxurious nature themed photography print as a dramatic showpiece is guaranteed to transform your home, creating a calming atmosphere and making it more inviting for your guests.


While improving our quality of life with their permanence and beauty, it is no wonder that trees are among my favourite subjects to photograph. And this beautiful specimen in British Columbia, Canada, is no exception.

A Japanese maple tree with twisting branches of orange leaves in Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, Canada.
'Dreamweaver', Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, Canada. Limited Edition of 150.

Found on the grounds of the world famous Butchart Gardens, this spectacular Japanese cutleaf maple stops everyone in their tracks. And even more so, if you are lucky enough to see it in full autumn regalia.

With the intention of photographing this tree in prime colour, I contacted a staff member of the gardens to receive regular updates on the changing of the leaves. It happens at a slightly different time each year, depending on a variety of factors.

When the time drew near, I flew to Vancouver Island with high hopes, stopping at the gardens immediately after I arrived. But to my disappointment, the leaves were still totally green. My heart sank, and I left to explore other areas of the island for a few days.

An oversized photograph of a Japanese maple tree in autumn color hangs on the wall of a cozy den in a home.
A 56"x84" Lumachrome® TruLife® acrylic print of 'Dreamweaver' makes a statement in this cozy den.

Four days later on the afternoon I was scheduled to fly home, I made the fateful decision to visit the gardens one more time on my way to the airport, and this is what I saw. FOUR DAYS from deep green to explosive orange colour. Needless to say, I was astonished. And lucky!

I could gaze upon this gorgeous tree for hours, like a vivid dream. The vibrant fall colour and velvety moss on its branches add so much to its beauty. Truly a tree of life.

'Crescent Falls'

Waterfalls are undeniably fascinating and a favorite subject to seek out and photograph. This unique beauty was captured with much planning and a lot of luck and is a favourite among my collectors.

Crescent Falls double waterfall in Alberta, Canada at night with a full moon.
'Crescent Falls', Alberta, Canada. Limited Edition of 150.

Located in west central Alberta, Canada, Crescent Falls are a jewel of the Canadian Rockies. I was in search of a beautiful waterfall that had not been overly photographed, like many of the other iconic falls in the mountains.

To add another twist, I envisioned shooting at night to include the moon in the empty sky if it was possible, and the research began. Because I live a long way from the Rockies, visiting occasionally to explore the area was not practical. I used computer software to calculate how and when the moon would be full and setting after dark in this location, and took a chance to travel on a day when I thought it just might work.

Reaching the falls in the afternoon, I was able to scout the area before dark. I finally settled on my composition at twilight, hoping that the moon would eventually come across the sky over the falls.

A nighttime mountain waterfall photograph hangs over the bathtub in a contemporary bathroom.
'Crescent Falls' printed as a waterproof ChromaLuxe® HD metal print. The lighting that mimics the moon is a brilliant design choice.

I have to admit it was a bit unnerving sitting down in the canyon for hours in the dark, as I was completely alone and the roar of the water was deafening. I peered over my shoulder many times to be sure there was not a cougar sneaking up on me!

You can imagine my excitement when after a few hours of waiting, the moon began to inch across the sky into position over the upper tier, and I was finally able to get the shot I had envisioned in my mind.

The mood and atmosphere of 'Crescent Falls' always draws attention, and may be one of the favourite photographs that I have ever captured.

'True Blue'

Experiencing the sheer size and rugged beauty of the mountains leaves us with a sense of excitement, joy, and awe. And when you add one of the most vibrant turquoise lakes in the world in front of them, it becomes an instant icon.

Spruce trees and rocks stand over the blue water of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Canada with jagged mountain peaks in the background.
'True Blue', Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada. Limited Edition of 100.

The natural splendor of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park begs to be photographed. Situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, this glacially-fed beauty appears in a stunning shade of turquoise due to the refraction of light on the rock flour suspended in the water.

The photo was captured from the 'Rockpile', a natural rockfall or 'moraine' that almost completely blocks the water from escaping the valley, forming the lake each summer from snowmelt high in the mountains.

An oversized photograph of Moraine Lake hangs on the concrete wall of a large open contemporary living room with a sofa and chair.
The sheer size of this 'True Blue' Lumachrome® TruLife® acrylic print make it seem like a window to the outdoors.

Taken mid-morning on a beautiful day in early summer, I composed this image with an emphasis on balance and symmetry, while Mother nature took care of the rest.

A true Canadian icon, Moraine Lake remains one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and is an instant classic among fine art photography collectors.


A small island perfectly centered in a mountain river. Check. A huge waterfall directly in front of the island. Check. Early morning fog and mist flowing across the mountain backdrop. Check. This is Sunwapta Falls, one of the most beautiful in the Canadian Rockies.

Sunwapta Falls in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada at sunrise with fog and clouds around the mountains in the background.
'Harmony', Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. Limited Edition of 100.

'Sunwapta' is a word from the Indigenous Stoney language that means 'turbulent water'. It is a perfect description of these falls which drop over 60 feet into the pool below.

A large vertical photograph of Sunwapta Falls hangs over the fireplace in a contemporary living room with soaring ceilings.
This grand 60"x90" Lumachrome® TruLife® acrylic print of 'Harmony' is a perfect addition over the fireplace to compliment the soaring ceilings in this great room.

This crisp October morning revealed a rare mixture of beautiful light, mist, fog and low clouds flowing through the mountain valley. I was able to scramble close to the edge of a cliff in front of the falls for an unparalleled view of this breathtaking scene.

Nature in perfect harmony.

'Middle Earth Panorama'

Witnessing the flow of molten lava is an unforgettable experience, especially when you are hovering over it 20 feet off the ground in a doorless helicopter. This unique perspective of such a dynamic force of nature makes 'Middle Earth' a favourite among collectors.

Panorama view of an orange lava river flowing around cooled rocks in Hawaii.
'Middle Earth Panorama', East Rift Zone, Big Island of Hawaii. Limited Edition of 150.

Planned far in advance, my friend and award-winning lava photographer Bruce Omori took me on the ride of a lifetime for one of the most challenging photo ops I have ever experienced. Even with the rotor wash of the chopper, you could still feel the heat of the lava underneath us.

Low light, chopper vibration, and two cameras strapped to my body made for demanding conditions, so I was thrilled to come away with an image that has turned into a best seller.

A panoramic photograph of flowing lava hangs on the wall over a light blue sofa.
'Middle Earth' makes a bold statement over the clean lines of this contemporary sofa, while the colors of the fabrics compliment the print perfectly.

It never ceases to amaze how nature can create such dynamic scenes like this curvy flow of lava against the unique textures of the cooled rock around it. I love the contrast of how the warm orange and cool blue colours compliment one another.

It remains absolutely mesmerizing in so many ways and is by far the most exciting subject I have ever had the chance to witness.


I am fascinated by the awe-inspiring beauty of trees and how they intertwine with almost every living being in the fabric of life. Others seem to agree, as the striking crimson leaves of this maple tree make it a front-runner from my collection.

Branches of red maple leaves hang in front of a gently cascading waterfall on Vancouver Island, Canada.
'Tranquility', Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Limited Edition of 150.

It is undeniable that pure luck found me, walking alone on a rain soaked forest trail on Vancouver Island, when I stumbled upon this magnificent tree begging to be photographed.

A large framed photography print of red maple tree branches hangs on a feature wall in a room with a single chair.
A silver Italian wood frame and white linen liner perfectly compliment the tones in the water of the image, allowing the crimson leaves to make an impact in this neutrally coloured room.

The vibrant Japanese maple branches were suspended silently in front of a gentle cascade, and I love the small details like the morning dew dripping from the crimson leaves into the water below.

A gift I was given that seems to resonate with many.

'Lost World'

Everyone loves waterfalls, but what is it that makes them so alluring? Whatever the reason, this breathtaking beauty in Costa Rica is taking collectors by storm.

A narrow waterfall in Costa Rica pours into a turquoise pool surrounded by lush green vegetation.
'Lost World', La Paz Waterfall, Costa Rica. Limited Edition of 150.

Perhaps only in my dreams did I believe such a beautiful scene existed in nature, until I witnessed La Paz waterfall. It feels like an undiscovered gem on an uncharted island, never before seen by the eyes of man.

The dense tropical foliage and blue colour of the water exude feelings of growth, vitality and happiness. I love
the smaller details like the little white and pink flowers and the misty air at the top of the falls.

An oversized photographic print of a waterfall hangs on the wall over a large sofa in a contemporary living room.
The tropical plants and blue fabric of the sofa match the theme of the print, tying this great room together with class.

At a towering 121 feet, I had to use my wide angle lens to record the falls in a single frame, balanced precariously among gigantic slippery boulders on the steep bank of a canyon wall. For perspective, the large disc-shaped leaves on the right side of the frame are five to six feet across!

Without a doubt, 'Lost World' is a page from a fairy tale.


There is something about trees, water, and fog that make such combinations in nature so mystical and fascinating. Reflection Lake in Mount Rainier National Park always delivers, making this captivating scene a top seller.

Many spruce trees stand in thick fog on the shores of Reflection lake, Washington at sunrise.
'Silence', Reflection Lake, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington. Limited Edition of 150.

Mount Rainier National Park is a true wonder of beauty in so many ways; one could spend countless days exploring and never see it all. The fog flowing through the trees of this breathtaking lake brought a mystical sense of calm.

A sofa and coffee table flanked by potted plants with an oversized misty mountain lake photograph hanging on the wall.
'Silence' brings a sense of calm and peace to this den, where the plants and throw blanket were cleverly chosen to give the room an earthy feel while matching the colors in the print.

The high altitude of this alpine beauty commonly allows for surreal atmospheric conditions, as seen here in the early morning hours as the sun attempted to cut through the thick clouds, mist, and fog.

Reflections of the trees in the glassy water combined with the calming colour palette make 'Silence' a perfect addition to any room in your home.


The charm and enchantment of waterfalls make them a joy to photograph, especially when exploring off the beaten path only to find wonderful jewels like this mountain beauty in the Canadian Rockies.

Small waterfall in a dark canyon on Mount Allan, Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada.
'Secret', Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada. Limited Edition of 50.

There are countless vistas in the mountains where most folks stop to take in the views, then turn back when the trail goes faint. But when you push a little further, the rewards can be high.

A bathroom vanity and round mirror in a contemporary bathroom with a large waterfall photograph hanging beside the sink.
A waterproof ChromaLuxe® HD print of 'Secret' fits perfectly into this modern bathroom, while special attention was taken for perfect colour matching to unify the space.

Such was the day I followed a creek up the side of a mountain, only to find this secluded waterfall in a small canyon. Some scenes call for the camera to be positioned low, helping to make the foreground elements more prominent while adding depth to the image.

I love how the soft light spilled in from above, highlighting the stones and water texture as it gently flowed past. I have never seen any other photos of this waterfall, so for now, it's location will remain a 'Secret'!

'Fabric Of Life'

Some of the most unique and beautiful landscape prints come in the form of 'abstracts', where elements surrounding the subject are intentionally removed to create a curiosity as to what the viewer is actually looking at.

Such is this original lava print, taken with a telephoto lens to accentuate the amazing textures in the cooling rock.

The interesting textures and shapes of cooling lava as it slowly flows on the island of Hawaii.
'Fabric Of Life', Big Island of Hawaii. Limited Edition of 150.

Pāhoehoe lava is extraordinary with the wide variety of shapes and ropey textures it can form when it cools. These fascinating surface features reminded me of bunched fabric and are due to the movement of fluid lava under a rapidly cooling, congealing surface crust.

A large abstract lava photograph hangs on the wall near a small metal table with two bar stools.
This abstract Lumachrome® TruLife® lava print 'Fabric Of Life' looks striking in a monochromatic themed room, where it draws attention and wonder to visitors of this home.

Shot straight down at close range from a helicopter, I was lucky to come away with some rare images which are currently not possible in the region. For less than eight weeks after this image was captured, the big eruption of 2018 occurred on the Big Island which caused mass destruction of infrastructure and personal property.

After six months, it abruptly ended and as of this writing, there is no lava flowing on the island. Although it will return, only Mother Nature knows when.

A Final Note

Affinity for nature is a common trait that most people share, along with the positive effect it has on our mental and physical well-being.

Having the control to choose your own theme, color palette, and complementary décor reflects the atmosphere you wish to communicate, making your home calming to live in and inviting to your guests.

I hope this short list of best selling prints was useful to you, and I invite you to read my article on blending fine art photography with your décor for a much more comprehensive study on how to transform your home.

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