Free Mockup To Visualize A Print

Sometimes it can be difficult to visualize what a new fine art landscape print will look like in your home, so it is perfectly natural to be hesitant in purchasing a new art piece when you are not able to see it in person beforehand.

If it was possible to see exactly what your favorite print would look like on your wall BEFORE you committed to the investment, it would surely instill the confidence that the print you love will be the perfect choice for your space.

I fully understand, and want to ensure that every one my customers is confident that the print and size they are considering will look beautiful on their wall when it arrives.

To make sure that happens, I am proud to offer personalized 'mockups' to help you visualize your choices FIRST. And the good news is that it is FAST, SIMPLE and absolutely FREE.

Just follow the four easy steps below and you'll be on your way.

Infographic on how to take a picture of a wall with a cell phone.
Free mockups are as simple as taking a snapshot of your wall and emailing it to me.

Four Simple Steps

1) Take a photo of the room where you intend to place the print. If you can take the photo "straight on", as in the image above, it will work better. You can use your cell phone camera and be sure your picture is in focus. The quality of the mock-up will only be as good as the photo you send!

2) Make sure the photo is reasonably well-lit or has fairly even lighting. Turn on some lights first or open the curtains if there's a window.

3) This step is IMPORTANT! If there is a large object in the photo (sofa/mantle/bed/wall edges/anything!) grab your tape measure and write down how wide it is, edge to edge. Feet and inches are best if possible.

4) Send me a message through my contact form with the name of the fine art print(s) and the size(s) that you have in mind. I will then send you my email address. Be sure to include the measurements you took, then attach the photo(s) of your room to the email and send it all to me.

That's it. I will quickly complete a mockup and email it back to you, no charge. This is a simple, quick, and effective way for you to visualize the art in your space and have the confidence that it will look stunning.

Infographic on how to take a picture of a wall with a cell phone.
Free mockups give you the confidence that your print choice will look perfect on your wall when it arrives.

Here's an example of how your email might read:

"Dear Dean,

My name is Samantha and my husband and I have just finished building our dream home! We are excited to start filling the walls with art, and have two walls that we want to start with.

We love your photo of the close-up waterfall picture that you call 'Whitewater'. We feel it might be perfect on the big wall in our stairwell. I measured and the wall is exactly seven feet wide . We thought that a five foot wide print would look incredible there; I see that you offer a 56" wide acrylic print that would be very close.

Also, we want a print on the big wall above our bathtub. We like 'Gemstones' because of the water theme. We thought it would look best if it's just slightly smaller than the length of the tub, so about five feet wide. That wall is nine feet wide total. A 40" x 60" would be perfect.

Could you please provide us with mockups of how they would look on our walls? I took pictures of the stairwell and bathroom and attached them to this email.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you!


Quick Turnaround

I am proud to offer a quick turnaround for this service, and can usually get the mockup(s) back to you within a day or two. It is a valuable tool to help you when you are considering a luxury fine art print for your home or office and just one of the steps involved in my ongoing commitment to providing you with the best customer service possible.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or require further information.

I look forward to hearing from you!