About Dean McLeod

My name is Dean McLeod and I am a Canadian landscape and nature photographer specializing in Limited Edition, gallery-quality acrylic and metal fine art photography prints that are engineered to last for generations.

Working from my home office while collaborating with award winning master printers allows me to produce breathtaking art pieces from two to twelve feet wide at the fraction of the cost of similar prints from a gallery.

I strive to keep my website interesting and informative, with everything you need to know about the print styles I offer, my custom framing service, hanging instructions, accent lighting tips, and even some interior decorating ideas to blend your new artwork into your space.

Finally, I promise to do it all while giving you the best customer service possible, with regular communication from pre-order to delivery and beyond.

Who I Am

Born and raised in the prairie province of Saskatchewan where I still reside today, my wonderment of the natural world began at a very young age. Camping and exploring the lakes, forests, and living skies of the prairie as a child helped to instill the deep appreciation that I hold for our natural world and its preservation.

Despite photography having been a big part of my life for many years, I actually took a different route after high school and chose a 'safe' career as a denturist. And although denturism has been a rewarding career, the time for a full transition has come. The joy and freedom I feel in the outdoors gives me happiness, and my heart tells me that photography is what I was meant to do.

The art of landscape and nature photography has enriched my life in countless ways; my self-taught exploration with the camera has brought me back full circle to the joys of my childhood, magically combining everything that I love into a single craft.

It is very liberating to capture a fleeting moment in time that can be preserved forever as a beautiful fine art photography print. In today's hectic world, I encourage everyone to make small efforts to re-connect with nature, as its effects on your well-being can be profound.

There’s nothing like witnessing a burning sunrise or gazing up at the stars with fresh air in your lungs to help de-stress and reconnect with this amazing planet that we call home.

I am honoured that you have shown interest in my fine art landscape and nature photography and taken the time to explore my best work in the image galleries. My goal is to create original, compelling photographic art that conveys a mood or stirs emotion in the viewer.

My hope is that you may find an image that speaks to you in some way, as in the appreciation of fine details, color, or light. Maybe it triggers a fond memory, reminds you of a place you have visited, or a loved one that you miss.

Whatever the reason, I am truly grateful for your support and look forward to hearing from you.

All my best,