Panoramic Landscape Photography Prints

There is nothing that makes a statement in a home or office quite like a large, gallery-quality panoramic photography print. Luxurious and breathtaking, these ultra-wide landscape and nature art pieces will transform a room like nothing else.

Understandably, choosing the perfect artwork for your home must reflect your personal taste, and blend seamlessly into its surroundings to match your theme or architectural style.

A large panoramic photographic print hangs on the wall of a luxury modern bright interior apartment living room.
This twelve-foot wide triptych consists of three 48" square acrylic panels hung side-by-side. Together, they create a stunning gallery wall that makes a serious statement.

Working one on one with you is what I love to do, with free services like providing simple mockups of your chosen artwork that you can see on your own wall before you purchase. The ability to pre-visualize a specific print in your home is a valuable tool that gives you confidence, and helps turn your vision into reality.

What Is A Panorama?

A panoramic photograph, artwork, or painting is generally at least twice as wide as it is tall. This is commonly referred to as a 2:1 aspect ratio. So, an art piece that is three times wider than it is tall would be a 3:1 aspect ratio, and so on.

It is entirely possible to create photographs that extend far beyond this, but I find that the most visually appealing panoramic images are produced in either a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio, as seen in my dedicated Panoramic Gallery.

White living room with couch, table and mockup pictures.
A pop of bright color from the image 'Tranquility' makes this triptych a spectacular point of interest in this neutrally colored room.

What Is A Polyptych?

A polyptych photograph is simply one that is divided into sections or panels. The reasons we create these multi-panel artworks are usually because of size limitations of materials, although we often print on a smaller scale in this format for their unique and beautiful visual appeal.

With the acrylic face-mount print style as an example, the largest sheet of acrylic that is manufactured is 60 inches tall by 120 inches wide, or five feet by ten feet. If we wish to print a photograph larger than these dimensions, we simply divide the image into smaller sections, print them on multiple panels, and hang them side by side.

A giant oversized panoramic photograph of flowing lava hangs on the wall over a sectional leather sofa in a bright modern living room with large windows.
This twelve-foot wide triptych 'The Race' matches the black leather sofa perfectly, while adding vibrant color that commands the attention of visitors to this beautiful home.

The most common multi-panel format I offer is called a 'triptych', which is a print divided into three panels. It is also possible to make 'diptychs' (two panels) or 'quadriptychs' which are four panels.

The Science And Reasoning

Science shows us that the field of view of our eyes is generally considered to be about 210 degrees horizontally, while only 150 degrees vertically. In a stabilized forward-facing position, this means that we see much more width than height.

This may help to explain why the panoramic image format is naturally pleasing to the human eye. Not to mention that the walls in our homes will usually be much wider than they are tall, making panoramic art a very fitting way to decorate our homes.

Bright modern living room with furniture fireplace large windows and wall art.
The colors in the panoramic version of the image 'Ripple Effect' compliment this living space beautifully. This acrylic print becomes the center of attention when the sun goes down with the specialized accent lighting.

In the photo above, note that the 3:1 ratio of the image 'Ripple Effect' allowed these home owners to easily order a 30" by 90" size, while maintaining 'breathing room' on the top, bottom, and sides of the print for improved visual appeal.

The original aspect of this same photograph is 2:3, meaning that a 90" wide version would also be 60" tall. As you can imagine, the top and bottom edges of such a size would 'crowd' the ceiling and the fireplace.

The perfect compromise of the wide 2:1 or 3:1 aspect ratio of these beautiful panoramic art pieces also allow you to print much wider, while maintaining even symmetry of the wall space around the print.

A  photographic print of a forest scene hangs over a grey sofa in a large living room with wall to wall windows.
A stunning minimalist home surrounded by nature. What better choice than a panoramic forest scene? 'Morning Kiss Panorama', Limited Edition of 50.
A panoramic photograph of flowing lava over a sofa.
This river of molten lava entitled 'Middle Earth Panorama' makes a bold statement over this contemporary sofa.

Living room loft in industrial style with panoramic forest photograph on wall.
A panoramic acrylic print perfectly blends into this interior where trees and sunshine describe this loft owner's love of nature.

The Inspiring Gallery Wall

If you have ever had the chance to view an extremely large photographic nature print in a gallery, you know that they have the ability to transform the room.

The acrylic face-mount print style is by far the best medium for presenting photographs, and for good reason. The Lumachrome® TruLife® acrylic prints that I offer are very reactive to light, meaning that when you apply accent lighting to the photo, it almost appears to glow.

Secondly, the acrylic over the photo has some thickness to it, usually at least 1/8th of an inch. When your print is lit up, that accent light refracts or 'bounces' within the acrylic, causing a unique effect that appears to illuminate the image from within.

This captivating effect is unique to the acrylic face-mount style and is the reason they look so bright and vibrant, full of rich detail with amazing depth.

Photographer Dean McLeod poses beside an enormous triptych photographic print of a Japanese maple tree hanging in the lobby of an office tower in Calgary, Alberta.
This astounding triptych print measures 96"x144", or eight by twelve feet.

Many of the images in my Panoramic Gallery can be printed up to ten feet wide as a Lumachrome® TruLife® print under a single sheet of acrylic, and a select few images up to twelve feet wide or more as a triptych.

If you have a big wall to fill, these incredible prints are awe-inspiring. Lumachrome® is a proprietary, state-of-the-art paper that is simply the best printing material available today.

This archival transparency paper is infused with iridium particles and features vivid, brilliant colors lasting over 120 years with incredible 3D depth and dimensionality.

Going Vertical

Just as we are able to create ultra-wide horizontal panoramic prints, the same rules apply for vertical artworks. We can easily fabricate 'vertoramas' or multi-panel vertical artworks if you have soaring ceilings.

The images below are just a sample of what is possible and are sure to spark your creativity.

Loft style apartment with soaring ceilings and windows and artwork.
Your imagination is the limit. This twelve-foot tall quadriptych waterfall image 'Whitewater' consists of four 4' by 6' acrylic panels.
Beautiful two story living room interior with hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, oversized photo print over fireplace.
This towering fireplace feature wall was made for this ten-foot tall crop of my image 'Halo'.

Are My Lumachrome® Panoramic Prints Similar To Peter Lik's Work?

Customers often ask me if my prints are similar to Peter Lik's, which can be described as large acrylic face-mount prints that appear 'backlit' when accent lighting is applied to them.

Indeed, my Lumachrome® TruLife® acrylic prints are very comparable if you are seeking a grand, breathtaking gallery quality print for your home. It is worth noting that although Australian photographer Peter Lik may have helped to popularize this style of photographic presentation through his many galleries, acrylic face-mounting has been around much longer than Mr. Lik and he is not the originator.

Your Imagination Is The Limit

As the options for creating personalized landscape and nature photography prints are endless, it is virtually impossible to list all of the options available to you.

To that end, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is to collaborate with you to fulfill the vision that you have for your personal project.

I hope that you found this article informative and inspired to browse the image galleries and find a photograph that speaks to you. Remember that if you can imagine it, we can work together to bring your vision to reality.

Always feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to hearing from you!

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