Lumachrome® TruLife® Acrylic Prints

Unrivaled Craftsmanship. Archival Longevity.

Regarded as the highest quality print medium available today, Lumachrome® TruLife® acrylic face-mount prints are considered by professionals to be the pinnacle of photographic printing excellence.

Praised by photographers worldwide, Lumachrome® is an advanced proprietary printing material that is unsurpassed in quality, longevity, and beauty.

The Magic of Lumachrome®

Lumachrome® is a unique archival transparency photo paper that features vivid, brilliant colors lasting over 120 years with amazing three-dimensional depth. When illuminated with quality lighting, the special properties of the print surface make it react with a glowing response that is absolutely stunning.

Accent lighting aimed at these special prints from the front side will refract or 'bounce' within the acrylic, resulting in a unique effect that appears to illuminate the image from within so it appears 'backlit' like a computer or television screen.

This fascinating effect is completely unique to acrylic face-mount prints and is the reason they look so bright and vibrant, full of rich detail and amazing depth.

The multi-layer structure of these amazing prints make them beautiful objects of art unto themselves.

TruLife® Acrylic

Of the many acrylic options that can be used on a face-mount photograph, experts agree that there is only one choice for a true museum-quality art piece.

TruLife® is an innovative optically clear acrylic with an anti-reflective coating that markedly reduces reflections and glare which allows the viewer to see the finest details in the image without distraction.

The thickness of the acrylic gives the photograph an amazing three-dimensional depth with vibrant color and clarity that is unsurpassed. Additionally, this acrylic gives the print 99% UV protection, is resistant to abrasion, repels dust with anti-static properties, and cleans like glass with no special acrylic cleaners required.

World Class Quality

Lumachrome® print technology combined with TruLife® acrylic results in breathtaking prints that offer incredible 3D depth, intense color, and razor-sharp clarity for the highest-resolution viewing experience possible in a photograph.

A recessed float-frame mounted on the rear of the art piece makes the print appear to 'float' on your wall for an awe-inspiring, contemporary presentation with no external framing required.

Lumachrome® TruLife® acrylic prints are designed to be presented frameless. The recessed rear floating frame becomes invisible after hanging and will make your print appear to 'float' off of your wall.

Due to the unsurpassed quality and anti-reflective properties of these pieces, they are the MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED print medium that I offer, especially when hanging in rooms with windows or other bright sources of light. Note that this is a VERY important consideration when choosing your print medium.

Are Lumachrome® Prints Similar In Style To Peter Lik Prints?

Customers often ask if Lumachrome® prints look similar to the 'style' made popular by Australian landscape photographer Peter Lik. Indeed, Lik does print his work in the acrylic face-mount style, where the large, saturated photographs in his galleries almost appear like they are 'backlit' from behind.

But as we have shown, this special glowing effect is simply the result of accent lighting aimed at the print from the front, and is a common trait shared by all acrylic prints. So although Peter Lik's prints are acrylic face-mounts, that is where the similarities to Lumachrome® end.

You can read my article 'The Peter Lik Phenomenon' which helps to explain why many art buyers mistakenly credit Peter Lik for inventing acrylic prints.

A serene waterfall in Costa Rica surrounded by lush green vegetation.
'Lost World', La Paz Waterfall, Costa Rica. Limited Edition of 150.

Can You Frame A Lumachrome® Print Yourself?

It should be noted that the Lumachrome® acrylic print style is a frameless print, which has a clean, contemporary appearance. They are automatically manufactured with a recessed 'floater frame' that is attached to the rear of the print which becomes invisible after hanging. Your print will appear to 'float' approximately one and a half inches off of your wall.

*Important* If you have intentions of adding an external wood frame to this print style yourself, please consider a Charity Edition print instead, which is the identical Lumachrome® print, except that the rear floater frame is deleted and an external wooden frame is added.*

All Limited Edition Lumachrome® TruLife® acrylic prints will include a hand-signed, laminated certificate of authenticity which will be shipped to you separately.

Every print from Dean McLeod Photography will be carefully packaged in a custom box or crate, and will be fully insured to arrive at your home free of damage and ready to hang.