Triptychs And Multi-Panel Prints

A polyptych photograph is simply one that is divided into sections or panels. The reasons we create these multi-panel artworks are usually because of size limitations of materials, although we often print on a smaller scale in this format for their unique and beautiful visual appeal.

A large triptych photographic print of a forest scene hangs on the wall over a sofa in a modern loft apartment.
'Embrace' Panorama, Victoria, British Columbia. Limited Edition of 50.

With the acrylic face-mount print style as an example, the largest sheet of acrylic that is manufactured is 60 inches tall by 120 inches wide, or five feet by ten feet.

If we wish to print a photograph larger than these dimensions, we simply divide the image into smaller sections, print them on multiple panels, and hang them side by side.

Photographer Dean McLeod poses beside an enormous triptych photographic print of a Japanese maple tree hanging in the lobby of an office tower in Calgary, Alberta.
This incredible print measures eight feet tall by twelve feet wide. It was split into a 'triptych', or three panels, each four by eight feet.

The most common multi-panel format I offer is called a 'triptych', which is a print divided into three panels. It is also possible to make 'diptychs' (two panels) or 'quadriptychs' which are four panels.

Which Medium Is Used For Multi-Panel Prints?

All of the multi-panel prints that I offer are fabricated in the Lumachrome® TruLife® acrylic print style, as it is the only medium with the ability to be printed up to twelve feet wide or larger.

If you have a big wall to fill, these incredible prints are awe-inspiring and make a serious statement. Lumachrome® is a proprietary, state-of-the-art photographic material that is simply the best printing technology available today.

This archival transparency material is infused with iridium particles and features vivid, brilliant colors lasting over 120 years with incredible 3D depth and dimensionality.

A large triptych photographic print of lava rock and a kupukupu fern hangs on the wall over a long sofa in a modern living room.
'Life' Panorama, Big Island, Hawaii. Limited Edition of 50.

Your Imagination Is The Limit

As the options for creating multi-panel landscape and nature photography prints are endless, it is virtually impossible to list all of the options available to you.

To that end, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is to collaborate with you to fulfill the vision that you have for your personal project.

One of the easiest ways to collaborate is through the use of 'mockups', which I am happy to provide free of charge. This enables you to see a print on your own wall before you purchase which inspires confidence in your decision. This article describing free mockups explains this simple yet highly effective tool.

Remember that if you can imagine it, we can work together to bring your vision to reality.

Always feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to hearing from you!