The Magic of Lumachrome® Acrylic Fine Art Prints

Lumachrome® acrylic prints are praised by professional photographers worldwide as the best photographic prints available today for quality, three-dimensional depth, detail, vibrancy, and archival longevity.

An exclusive proprietary process from one of the world's best acrylic printers, many top artists who have printed their work for decades proclaim they have never seen it better than when it is printed as a Lumachrome® acrylic.

Photographer Dean McLeod poses beside an 8 foot tall by twelve foot wide Lumachrome triptych print of his Japanese maple image hanging in the lobby of an office tower in Calgary, Alberta.
Dean McLeod beside an enormous 8'x12' Lumachrome® TruLife® acrylic triptych print.

The addition of a luxurious fine art acrylic landscape photography print as a dramatic showpiece in your home is guaranteed to transform your décor, creating a gallery feel and atmosphere.

Australian landscape photographer Peter Lik is often credited with popularizing acrylic prints (although his are NOT Lumachrome®), where the vibrant, saturated photographs are commonly seen in upscale galleries around glamourous cities like Las Vegas and New York.

An elevated view of the Las Vegas strip at night.
Las Vegas is home to a vibrant arts scene where many people see acrylic prints for the first time in the many galleries throughout the city.

Although there are many levels of quality among acrylic prints, a common trait shared by most of them is that they appear to be 'backlit' from behind with a luminous glowing effect that adds to their allure. But what is the real secret that makes them appear to be illuminated from within?

The mystery of these glowing art pieces lies quite simply in the print medium itself, technically called 'acrylic face mounting'. A photograph is mounted behind a sheet of acrylic and illuminated from the front, not the back, as often believed.

The interior walls of an art gallery with large landscape photographs on the walls.
Although the accent lighting is from overhead, these acrylic face mount prints have the unique effect of appearing backlit.

Combined with quality accent lighting, this glowing 'backlit' effect is a quality not found in any other print medium. This is why acrylics stand on their own as the best method of photographic presentation.

Today, although many artists offer their own bodies of work as acrylic prints, it is important to note that all acrylics are definitely not manufactured with the same materials and quality.

Artworks Unto Themselves

Although the face mounting process can be achieved by utilizing a variety of photo paper and acrylic combinations, award winning American master printer Robert Park envisioned something better.

Using his years of expertise to push the boundaries of print technology, Park created Lumachrome®, a revolutionary printing process that far exceeded the limitations of existing materials.

A proprietary photographic material printed at an astounding 1200 dots per inch, Lumachrome® prints are truly groundbreaking and have earned the distinction of being the absolute gold standard of photographic presentation available today.

An infographic of the expanded view of a Lumachrome TruLife acrylic photography print showing the many layers that make up its construction.
The craftsmanship and multi-layered construction of Lumachrome® prints make them pieces of art unto themselves.

Lumachrome® sets the bar, outperforming the best photo papers in every category with superior color gamut, vibrancy, clarity, and resolution, while its ability to maintain highlight and shadow detail is unsurpassed.

This unique archival material is infused with iridium particles and features vivid, brilliant colors lasting over 120 years with incredible 3D depth and dimensionality, for a print of unmatched quality that lasts for generations. Photographic prints have never looked better.

Only TruLife® Acrylic

Traditional photography prints that are framed with glass or standard acrylic often results in reflections and glare that can be very distracting, especially if there are windows or bright lights in the room. This is why the acrylic brand used on my face mount prints is a very important consideration.

Side by side views of the same living room wall with a large photograph on the wall illustrating the difference in window glare between glossy and non glare acrylic over the photograph..
There is nothing more distracting than unsightly glare on an art piece in your home. TruLife® acrylic will vastly reduce reflections for a better viewing experience.

TruLife® is a revolutionary, optically clear acrylic with a unique anti-reflective coating that vastly reduces reflections and glare while allowing viewers to see the finest details in the image.

Additionally, this acrylic gives your art piece 99% UV protection, is abrasion resistant, has anti-static properties that repel dust and it cleans like glass without the need for special acrylic cleaner.

The Secret Of The Glowing 'Backlit' Effect

The acrylic face-mount print style is by far the best medium for presenting photographs, and for good reason. The acrylic that is laminated over the face of the photo has some thickness to it, usually 1/8th of an inch.

When illuminated with quality accent lighting, the light reflects off of the photographic material, then 'refracts' or bounces within the acrylic itself, causing a unique effect that appears to illuminate the image from within.

Infographic closeup corner view of an acrylic face mount photography print and how accent lighting refracts inside the acrylic.
Accent lighting will reflect from the print surface and refract within the acrylic, creating a unique glowing effect.

This captivating effect is unique to the acrylic face-mount style and is the reason they look so bright and vibrant, full of rich detail with amazing depth.

Accent lighting causes the unrivaled reactive properties of Lumachrome® to come alive with a radiant, glowing response that appears backlit and holographic.

The Importance Of Accent Lighting

Quality accent lighting will put your new Lumachrome® TruLife® art piece at center stage so it commands attention as a breathtaking focal point in your home, especially in the evening when the ambient light of day has faded away.

Side by side comparison view of a large landscape photograph on a wall, one with natural room light and one with dedicated accent lighting to illustrate the benefits of accent lighting.
Fine art prints always benefit from dedicated accent lighting.

Correctly illuminating fine art is essential for showing off the details, colors, and three-dimensionality that make it so amazing, and is a very important factor in maximizing the print's potential.

Side by side comparison of the same bowl of strawberries, each illuminated by different light bulbs to illustrate the color rendering differences between good and bad light bulbs.
The quality of your light bulbs will have a big impact on the appearance of your fine art print.

Remember that standard light bulbs will usually not suffice. A Lumachrome® TruLife® print is fine art, and deserves to be treated as such. High quality accent lighting is a must, with LED bulbs that will render the colors in your print with vivid precision.

A full guide on proper lighting can be found in my tutorial How To Light Photography Prints And Artwork.

Lumachrome® TruLife® Acrylic Fine Art Prints

All of my acrylic face-mount landscape and nature photography prints use Lumachrome® technology coupled with TruLife® acrylics, producing breathtaking works of art that offer incredible 3D depth, intense color and razor-sharp clarity for the highest-resolution viewing experience possible.

A large photograph of a maple tree with a custom wood frame hangs on the wall of a contemporary living room.
'Dreamweaver', Butchart Gardens, British Columbia. Limited Edition of 150.

They are the gold standard of photographic presentation and I am proud to offer these museum quality fine art pieces for my customers and collectors.

Whether you would like to become a collector or you just want to have one beautiful print in your living room, there is nothing quite like owning an original art piece to transform your home.

The craftsmanship and archival quality of these luxurious Limited Edition prints will ensure their place in your family as a valuable generational heirloom.

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Portrait of Canadian landscape photographer Dean McLeod.
Dean McLeod Photography fine art logo.